Test Automation skills are most demanding in the present market and most of the Senior QA leaders that I work with and network, are advising to choose test automation engineering as a career path and become QA champions in their organization.

In the last several years, more than a thousand times — we got this question: How to automate window authentication? and every time, we have answered the workaround and not the solution. This time, we want to present the solution and of course, with Selenium 4.x version.

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HTTP Basic Authentication

There are several authentications available like basic, digestive, token, NTLM, etc. In which, the basic authentication scheme is a widely used, industry-standard method for collecting user name and password…

I wrote this article based on my personal experience serving multiple product companies in the past and listening to thousands of our learners’ success and failure stories with product organization every week.

Many QA engineers are passionate about their career dream of working for a product company one day — you should know that you do need to pull your socks up and spend the next few moments running down this entire story and then next 6 months.

One way to achieve your dream is by learning from failed interviews and the other way is to design and execute a…

StaleElementReferenceException is one of the most intriguing exception that you would have experienced in your selenium tests. Hope this post can help you to solve this exception from reoccurring from your tests.

What is StaleElementReferenceException?

Per Selenium Webdriver documentation, the reference to an element is now “stale” — the element no longer appears on the DOM of the page. In simple words, the element that you located using the findElement method disappeared when you started interacting with it.

Let us understand some insights about how Selenium WebDriver handles this scenario:

WebDriver Internals

When you write the syntax to perform an action using…

I started wondering why many test automation scripts continue to fail infrequently and daily? After a deep analysis with more 20000+ tests, I found that it is not largely to do with the tools or scripting techniques and neither with the build. So what causes more failures? The wrong selection of tests that are automated is the biggest pain today.

Who benefits from automation?

Most importantly the manual testers, who spend tirelessly testing the product or project with almost daily build today. …

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Author, Speaker, Mentor and Coach - Test Automation & DevOps

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